Family Fun on a Budget: Affordable Minivan Rentals for Pakistani Road Trips

Pakistan is surely a wonderful country with so many tourist attractions. You can find historical buildings, religious places and restaurants offering Pakistani cuisine. Hence, it deserves appreciation and for visiting these sites, you can rent a car Islamabad or other cities. Look for affordable car renting companies, a few of these we will name later. Moreover, let’s see how a family can relish an amusing tour in Pakistan on minivans. 

Why Rent a Minivan?

Space for Passengers & Storage

Minivans are practical, whether for traveling in Pakistan or other countries. They consist of space for passengers as well as luggage. This is why they are preferred for riding with family. Even they are fast and good-looking with the provision of the best of ease.

Even if you are just out getting groceries or collecting souvenirs, rent a minivan. Moreover, around 7 to 8 passengers can sit inside quite comfortably. There is more legroom and interior room space than conventional cars. Therefore, there is no need to worry about running out of space. 

Good for Long Trips

The comfortable seats and more space are best for long trips. Passengers can rest or stretch while being inside the minivan, which is why it is a good option for long trips. You can fit multiple luggages for distant destinations. 

There are no worries of bringing extra load. Minivans provide strength as well to carry all that weight. However, there is always a limit to it, make sure to bring everything according to the size or other features of this vehicle. Also, before booking a minivan, explore the range offered by a particular renting company before finalizing. 

Easy Getting in and out

If you are bringing along your kids, prevent fretting as they can easily sit as well as get in or go out of the minivan. Similarly, even the handicapped and elderly people can travel via such cars quite comfortably. Also, it allows you to prevent slamming doors as minivans usually have sliding doors. All you need to do is press a button.

If you are carrying heavy items or the parking of your car is on a steep incline, opening heavy and huge doors is not safe. It is definitely problematic which is why the sliding doors of the minivans are apt. 

Affordable Minivan Renting Companies in Pakistan

Pak Tours

One of the minivan car rental companies in Pakistan is Pak Tours. It is a tour operator and has a number of cars available for renting. The optimum fact is that this company is very affordable and this is what its website states. Moreover, the fleet is diverse; hence, it is not just a minivan you book.

Moreover, Pak Tours offer comfort and safety to relish traveling. Its offices are in the different cities of Pakistan, like Karachi and Lahore, and even outside of the country, in Dubai. The company’s goal is to lead the travel trade services in the Indian subcontinent region.

Nafees Rent a Car

You rent a car, or minivan, using its services too. It is affordable as well with offices in cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Hyderabad. Also, it serves various areas, best for shopping or long rides. Some of the car categories listed on its site are 7 Seater, Mercedes, BMW, Land Cruiser V8, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.

Furthermore, they are known for transporting passengers for events like weddings. You can even avail airport rides. Therefore, you can go beyond your casual road trips, and for that, book executive options. 

Sher Brother Pakistan

Sialkot, Faisalabad, Gujrat and Lahore are merely a few names we have stated where this company is flourishing. There is surely more to it, and the best thing is the minivan range you can book for family fun traveling.

Additionally, its customer service is available the entire week to satisfy your renting queries. They provide cars at reduced prices and have mentioned the charges for one day alongside each car detail. You can mention your pick-up and drop-off locations with dates to check the availability. Moreover, you need to pick a category and manufacturer too.


Riding with family is extremely fun, particularly when you are exploring Pakistan. You will get the beautiful views of landscapes and historical sites which will stay as a part of your memories forever. However, choosing the right car alongside affordability can save you from great trouble. Minivans are apt for an increased number of passengers. Moreover, minivans are quite spacious, offering enough area for luggage and stretching. The enhanced interior space can give you a relaxed traveling experience in Pakistan.

Furthermore, minivans are easy to get in and get out. Therefore, you can bring along your children and elders without any stress. Also, there are certain well-reputed and affordable renting companies in Pakistan, like Nafees Rent a Car, reserving minivans or other vehicle kinds.

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