Home Staging- How to Sell Your Apartment In Best Time

Do you know what Home Staging is and how it can help you sell your apartment faster and at the best price? This is a real estate marketing technique that consists of improving the appearance and attractiveness of your home to seduce potential buyers.

Home staging does not require major renovations or spending a lot of money, but rather applying a few simple decorations, cleaning, and organization tricks that will make your apartment look like new.

In this post, we give you some home staging tips that you can put into practice to sell your apartment in record time.

Clean and Tidy Thoroughly

The first step to applying Home Staging is to thoroughly clean and organize your apartment. A dirty, messy, or cluttered home will give buyers a bad impression and make them think that the apartment is neglected or has hidden problems.

Therefore, you must eliminate dust, stains, bad odors, cobwebs, and any other signs of dirt. You should also organize closets, drawers, shelves, and any other storage space, and get rid of anything you don’t use or need. This way you will make your apartment look more spacious, bright, and welcoming.

Depersonalize Spaces

One of the fundamental bases of Home Staging is the depersonalization of spaces, that is, removing objects that reflect your lifestyle, your tastes, or your personality. These objects can be photos, paintings, souvenirs, collections, trophies, etc.

The goal is for buyers to imagine themselves living in your apartment, and for that, they need to see it as a blank canvas, where they can project their own ideas and sensations. Therefore, you must create a neutral, simple, and pleasant environment that does not distract or bother visitors.

Paint The Walls Light Colors

A very effective trick to improve the appearance of a home is to paint the walls in light and neutral colors, such as white, beige or gray. These colors provide luminosity, spaciousness, and a feeling of cleanliness, and also combine with any type of furniture and decoration.

Avoid dark, strident, or very personal colors, which can subtract light, reduce space, or clash with buyers’ tastes. If you want to give it a touch of color, you can use an accessory, such as a cushion, a rug, or a plant, but without overdoing it.

Repair The Damage

Before showing your apartment to buyers, you must repair any damage it may have, such as cracks, chips, dampness, dripping taps, plugs that do not work, etc. These details can cause your apartment to lose value or cause buyers to try to negotiate the price down.

Therefore, you must solve them as soon as possible and leave your apartment in perfect condition. You don’t have to do a big job but fix what is necessary so that your apartment looks cared for and functional.

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