How to Increase Your Instagram Views: Boost Your Visibility and Engagement

Running an Instagram account with huge followers, views, comments, and shares can be challenging, especially for beginners. Once you start receiving a significant number of Instagram views, you are likely to gain more followers and likes. Getting authentic views requires creativity, an understanding of Instagram’s algorithm, and dedication to using proven strategies. 

In this post, you will walk through some of the excellent ways to increase views on your Instagram posts for better visibility and higher engagement. 

  1. Identify optimal posting time

Find out the peak online times of your target audience to boost engagement rates. There is no specific right posting time for all as it differs based on the audience, demographics, industry, and more factors. Thus, it is good to experiment with varying posting times and determine at what time your posts receive more interactions or views. Some third-party scheduling tools are also available for automated content posting on Instagram.

  1. Promote UGC (user-generated content)

According to a study, around 79% of customers say that UGC highly impacts their buying decisions. Choosing the right posts can be time-consuming, user-generated content, on the other hand, is easier and more beneficial. Instagram UGC promotion includes sharing real content made by your audiences. It is advantageous for creators and their users to develop a fan following and gain more views.

  1. Short content

Most advertisers use story advertisements as Instagram stories are a good source of generating user engagement. Businesses can leverage short content to engage followers and meet their business objectives.

Not just the stories, but short-form videos, also known as reels, are more than a trendy term today. Reels are highly popular among social media users because originality is what people expect more than ever. Don’t miss out on producing concise videos because your competitors are already using them in their content strategy.

  1. Produce attractive and descriptive captions

Whether your audience watches your content or not is based on your caption because it describes what your post is all about. An engaging and compelling caption can bring higher engagement. Use important lines in the beginning of your caption and less relevant terms at the end. Ask questions, share BTS or behind-the-scenes details, or add CTAs (call-to-actions) to persuade more interactions. An interesting caption includes context, represents your brand’s personality, and encourages followers to take desired action.

  1. Use relevant Instagram hashtags

Adding trending and relevant hashtags in your posts, captions, and profile can provide multiple benefits. For example, maximum exposure and better discovery. Instagram provides a list of the most recent posts featuring a certain hashtag when you tap on them.

Hashtags are the most useful trick for users interested in a specific topic to locate new Instagram accounts to follow. As a result, they can discover all the associated Instagram posts from there.

Using the relevant hashtags makes it easier to promote your products or services. Your target audience might be using those branded hashtags to share their experiences. One can use around 10 hashtags in stories and up to 30 hashtags in posts on Instagram. 

  1. Show active engagement with your audience

Socializing is important on Instagram just like all other social media channels to show your active engagement on the platform. Thus, show active participation in related discussions, respond to your audience’s comments, conduct live sessions, like posts of your followers, or host question-and-answer sessions. This will help deeply connect with your audience and develop trust and stronger relationships.  

  1. Geo-tagging

It refers to the process of tagging your Instagram posts with location tags. This can be the most useful tip to improve your visibility among local audiences, especially when you are running a retail or hospitality business. If you have noticed, most users often find places to eat, stay, shop, or visit using location tags. Therefore, by geotagging your posts, you can improve their discoverability among the audience.

  1. Host giveaways

Arranging giveaways is the best way to boost Instagram views, followers, and engagement with less effort. It can also help you improve your Instagram advertising strategy. A successful giveaway enables the audience to engage with your brand or business in the form of comments and likes on your posts. It can even encourage user interaction and allow you to connect with your potential audience by expressing your brand mission.

Giveaways are beneficial to increase general brand awareness online and persuade people to talk about the achievements of your business on and off social media. Identify your business objective, choose the right prize, find the relevant hashtag, set simple participation steps and rules, follow the real selection process, and promote the giveaway strategically.

  1. Instagram stories highlight

Alongside stories, there is one more trend on Instagram known as stories highlights. Using this trend, you can increase the lifespan of your stories and display your products or services. These highlights appear on the Instagram feed, making them perfect for helping new audiences learn in detail about your business.

Instagram story highlight is one of the best features to use if you want to keep your stories displayed on your Instagram page forever. You can showcase different types of content as highlight stories. For example, FAQs, short videos, images, etc.    

  1. Influencer marketing or collaboration

Investing in influencer marketing or collaboration is one of the best methods to promote niche content among a large audience. Influencers on Instagram are prevalent and contribute to the huge supply of premium-quality content given there. The leading influencers wish to highlight their specific competency and content creation skills, not just brands. Thus, find trustworthy influencers within your niche and collaborate with them to drive more views. 

  1. Track, analyze, and adapt your strategies

Use Instagram insights, an in-built analytics tool of Instagram to determine how your posts are performing. You can measure your website clicks, impressions, follower activity data, and content reach based on the gathered insights. As a result, you can know your audience better and customize your strategy. To use Instagram insights, you will need a business account.

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