How to prevent negative inventory using quickbook?

In the modern day, the QuickBooks have been widely used for wide financial attributes such as income and expenses. These are the greater options for analyzing expenses and inventory management in real time. These also fulfill the Tax obligations in the best manner. 

QuickBooks is an amazing option to get completely free from financial worries. It helps to focus on driving the business revenue and growth. Negative inventory in the QuickBooks becomes one of the ideal occurrences. When the issue is not addressed then these could be causing more issues.

What is negative inventory?

Negative Inventory in QuickBooks is the condition in which the inventory count displays less than 0 items listed in stocks. Normally, these are common and temporary inventory conditions. This occurs due to various conditions as inventory is closely tracked with the varied systems. Sometimes, it is common that mistakes can be enabled due to the balancing of negative inventory. 

Negative inventory in QuickBooks is the situation of having the number of items recorded in the QuickBooks inventory system. Seeking the professional quickbooks advisor Airdrie is one of the best options for simply resolving the issues within a short time. 

Negative inventory is listed in the inventory when stocks are listed below the zero levels. For example, it denotes the company has sold more numbers of units than are available in the stock.

How do you identify it?

Negative inventory in QuickBooks can be easily identified through various methods. Negative inventory is commonly referred to as the recorded quantity of the stocks in the inventory system. 

Incorrect data entry is one of the common reasons for the negative inventory in QuickBooks, so it is important to resolve the issues within a short time. 

Below are some of the methods for extensively identifying the negative inventory in QuickBooks:

  • Reviewing inventory reports:

Normally, thoroughly reviewing the inventory reports in QuickBooks or accounting software is the best way. This also helps to easily identify the negative values that are listed on the systems.

  • Analyze the incorrect data entry:

Ensure that the data entered are completely accurate and review the transaction records in the most efficient manner. Check the purchase orders, stock adjustments and even sales invoices.

  • Physical inventory counts:

Conducting the physical stocktakes check in the inventory is also an essential method. These are significant for helping to reconcile the discrepancies along with identifying the negative stock levels in QuickBooks.

  • Differentiate the sales and stock levels:

You can simply compare the sales and stock levels to get accurate details. Comparing the number of items sold with the number of stocks helps to identify the errors. For example, when the number of items sold is higher than the number of stocks, then this indicates inventory levels will be below 0.

Regularly monitoring the inventory levels in QuickBooks is a significant option for identifying and resolving possible issues. These are also well efficient ways for easily resolving the problems.

  • How to prevent negative inventory?

Correcting the negative inventory is quite simple so there is no need to wait for them. Investigate how the problem has cropped in contrast so they are suitable for identifying them. 

Normally, prevention is better than cure so it is essential to check the negative inventory in QuickBooks while analyzing them. Follow the below steps to prevent the negative inventory in QuickBooks.

  • Track order accuracy:

Keeping the complete track of the inventory is most important for getting the best results. One of the efficient ways to track the inventory is through analyzing the Returns, inventory comparisons, and also customer complaints.

  • Hire qualified manager:

In the modern day, many companies have been spending more money on stocks than on maintaining inventory. Hiring a skilled and professional manager with a complete background in inventory management is essential. Right candidate can simply analyze the data along with the accuracy of the inventory over time.

  • Emphasize training:

Proper training is suitable for easily helping the staff to be aware of inventory management. Preventing negative inventory using QuickBooks is a more efficient way to save time. 

Many vendors have been offering inventory management software such as QuickBooks. Conducting on-site training for employees is a significant option for gaining better returns in inventory management.

  • Perform cycle count:

Normally, Cycle counting is a method of completely counting the predetermined goods, materials, and many more. These do not involve the full physical inventory for the complete year. 

Cycle counting plays an important role in maintaining internal control procedures. Analyzing the best cycle counting involves training SKUs per day, and it is helpful for finding prescribed frequency.

  • Use the right software:

In the modern day, there are many numbers of order management and inventory management available. QuickBooks is one of the significant options for tracking the inventory effectively. 

Normally, QuickBooks involves a better range of features that prevent negative inventory. Managers can easily set up QuickBooks to keep negative inventory from happening. 

These are also significant options for running the status report of stock periodically. The method is suitable for identifying the negative on-hand quantity. It is suitable for easily discovering the SKUs along negative inventory.

How to prevent negative inventory using quickbooks?

Some of the detailed illustrations are listed below for preventing negative inventory using Quickbooks

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Go to “Edit Items and Inventory”
  • Select “Warn if there is not enough inventory to sell.”
  • Click “Don’t allow negative quantities.”
  • Click “Advanced Inventory Settings”  
  • Enter “Multiple Inventory Sites is enabled.”
  • Choose “Warn or block per site if there is not enough inventory to sell.”  
  • Click “OK.”

These are significant options for blocking the items that go to negative inventory. You can simply turn on the block by site preference by clicking the Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks.

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