One Step Closer to Paradise: Get Your Second Passport from St. Lucia

When we think about exports, our minds typically go to things like natural resources, agricultural products, and manufactured goods. Some smaller nations however have come up with an unusual export: their national passports. Taking a cue from its neighbors, St Lucia began offering this opportunity in 2016. The state allows foreign nationals to obtain what’s called CBI, essentially buying their way into citizenship of this Caribbean nation.

In 2024, St Lucia offers one of the simplest and most affordable ways to get a second passport.

Actually, you can become a citizen of St Lucia for economic reasons without ever leaving your home country. Applicants to the St Lucian CIP are not required to reside in the state before or after they receive their passport. In fact, you can become a local citizen with no need to set foot in the nation, as the immigration agency will send the passport directly to you. The citizenship acquisition process is perfectly straightforward, cost-effective, and quick, which makes the St Lucian CIP a truly attractive option.

Make St. Lucia your second home: tempting opportunities await

A picturesque Caribbean nation, St Lucia is home to verdant jungles inhabited by monkeys, towering mountains, and radiant beaches. It’s world-famous for its plush resorts that attract tourists globally. However, you don’t need to remain a visitor. Instead, you can call St Lucia your second home! By applying for St Lucian citizenship, you will obtain a second passport in 3 to 6 months only.

The St Lucian passport offers a multitude of advantages: 

  • Visa-free (or visa-on-arrival) travel to approximately 120 countries. 
  • Acquiring economic citizenship in St Lucia allows you and your family to reside, work, and study in a nation known for its political stability and minimum economic issues. This citizenship extends to the Caribbean region, granting the same rights within any CARICOM member state.
  • St Lucia recognizes dual citizenship, which means you may retain your current nationality while obtaining a St Lucian passport, provided your country of origin also allows dual citizenship.
  • St Lucian citizenship is a private matter. The local authorities will not notify your home country about it. Disclosure of your new citizenship status only occurs upon an official, well-justified request.
  • Economic citizenship in this country is financially beneficial. Investments in real estate, business ventures, or infrastructure in St Lucia are likely to yield significant returns over time.
  • St Lucia’s citizenship promises a substantial lifestyle enhancement. With its low crime rate and advanced infrastructure, the island boasts a higher quality of life compared to its many rivals. Residents enjoy modern amenities alongside a delightful tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 25 °C to 27 °C (77 to 80 °F), refreshing northwestern breezes, and brief rainfall. Here, you will find a variety of premium living options, from city suites to countryside bungalows, all within an hour’s travel across the island.
  • When you become a citizen of St Lucia  through a donation to the SLNEF,  you help the country’s economy grow. This money goes to important projects that create jobs and make life better for the locals. Every year, the Finance Minister identifies such projects and seeks approval from the Parliament of St Lucia.
  • St Lucia also offers ways to manage your money more efficiently. The country’s flexible tax laws provide instruments for asset protection and wealth accumulation, making it easier for you to handle taxes if you’re a citizen there.

St Lucia vs the world: why invest in local CBI

St Lucia is by far not the only nation on the globe that offers citizenship through investment opportunities to those interested. While St Lucia’s program began in 2016, its competitors have certain benefits. For instance, St Kitts and Nevis has over thirty years of experience with its citizenship-by-investment program. Dominica, requiring the same USD 100,000 donation as St Lucia, tends to be more accommodating to applicants with bigger families. Malta and Cyprus in their turn issue passports that allow visa-free entry to numerous destinations worldwide.

St Lucia maintains its competitive edge in this highly challenging citizenship-by-investment landscape by offering distinct advantages through its Law on Citizenship. The unique benefits it comes with set it apart from other countries that also provide citizenship in exchange for investment, making the nation an appealing choice for foreign investors:

  • St Lucia offers 4 investment options for citizenship, compared to other countries that come with fewer choices. For example, Malta requires a single donation of EUR 650,000 for its citizenship. In contrast, Caribbean neighbors may only allow a donation or real estate investment. St Lucia’s variety of investment options enables a more efficient use of funds.
  • While both St Lucia and Dominica offer citizenship at USD 100,000 for an individual investor, St Lucia’s passport may cost slightly more due to additional fees. However, the cost is still considerably lower than that of Malta or Cyprus, where the investment required is nearly 10 and 20 times higher, respectively, making St Lucia’s option financially appealing.
  • The process of obtaining St Lucian economic citizenship is relatively quick, taking 3 to 6 months from application to passport issuance. This is faster than in Malta, where it takes no less than a year. The expedited process is beneficial as it adapts to potential rapid changes in an applicant’s home country’s political or economic situation.
  • St Lucia’s CIP also offers the convenience of applying for citizenship electronically.
  • A unique feature of St Lucia’s citizenship-by-investment program is the opportunity to add dependents after the main applicant has received citizenship. Within 5 years of obtaining a St Lucian passport, a spouse or children can still be included in the original application, although this incurs additional fees.

Your glowing future is here!

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