Practice G1 Tests: Why You Should Take Them

If you’re someone living in Canada, then you know that the G1 test is your only way of getting your driving licence and will help you with your dream of travelling around the country or maybe getting a job. But this test is not easy; many things, from legal knowledge to road sign knowledge, are tested. Most amateur drivers fail this test.

But failure isn’t an option, especially when considering something as important as a driver’s licence. One way of making sure you ace the G1 test is by taking practice tests.

A G1 practice test can help aspiring drivers understand what they’ll have to go through in the actual test. The test resources are available all across the internet.

The sections below stress the advantages of taking a practice G1 test before the actual test.

Get Confident

The most important part of taking an exam is that you need to be calm and confident during the exam. No matter how well you practise or how good your knowledge is, if you get anxious on the day of the exam, then you’re surely going to perform badly, which will lead to you failing the exam and not getting a driving licence.

When you take these practice tests before the main tests, you feel the heat and anxiety of the exam beforehand. After taking the practice test, your anxiety will disappear as you will be fully equipped with the pattern and pressure of the test.

Get Used to the Exam Format

Before you study for a test, you need to study for the test. This is a mantra that you need to keep in mind while preparing for a driving test and any other test in the world. Most people appear for an exam without properly studying and understanding the exam.

Not knowing the format of the exam can be fatal, as you will get stressed when you see something uncommon or unexpected. This leads to you giving wrong answers to the questions you know due to stress. So, it’s very important to get used to the format of the test, and the best way to do that is by taking a practice Ontario driving test.

Finding Your Weak Zones

One of the most important parts of preparation for any exam is understanding your weak zones and where you’re lacking in the test. A Canadian driving test has different parts, like the MCQ test about rules of the road and road signs, and also the driving skill test. If you’re weak in even one of these zones, you will fail the driving test.

But the work doesn’t end with understanding your weak zones. You also need to work on them to make sure that they don’t remain as your weak zone on the day of the exam. So, taking a G1 practice test can tell you which part of the exam is going to be tough for you, giving you a chance to improve in that zone.

Improving Your Strategies

Strategies are as important, as knowledge or skill, to crack any test in the world. You need to plan properly for a test, like how much time to give for a question or section, or how to deal with tough questions. Taking practice G1 tests can help you develop these strategies. 


The G1 test is an important step you must take if you want to get a driving licence in Canada. So, preparing properly with the help of practice tests is the best solution to crack the Canadian driving test in one shot and avoid failure. Don’t waste time. Start practicing today.

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