Safety Recalls and Your Vehicle

Nobody wants to pay for an auto repair; sometimes, a driver won’t need to. Before having any work done on a car or truck, ask the mechanic to check for safety recalls. If using a new mechanic, the owner might want to complete this check themselves. How can a person determine whether the manufacturer will pay for the work they need done on their vehicle? 

Find the Vehicle’s VIN Number

Drivers should check for safety recalls regularly. One way to do so is to search the database on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. Before doing so, find the vehicle’s VIN and write down the license plate. Drivers can search the database using either method or ask the mechanic doing the auto repair in Shreveport, LA, to do so. 

The VIN is a unique number on the lower left dashboard by the vehicle’s windshield. This number typically appears on the vehicle’s registration card and insurance card. The mechanic chosen to complete the work can also help locate this number. 

Sometimes, this information is not readily available, such as when a driver is buying a car and doesn’t have a VIN or license plate number. Drivers can search the database using the vehicle’s year, make, and model. Doing so allows them to learn if the model they plan to buy has a history of problems. 

Searching the Database

Visit the NHTS website to search for recalls. Enter the VIN, license plate, or vehicle information to see recalls, investigations, and complaints. The database also shares information about manufacturer communications regarding a vehicle’s year, make, and model. Drivers may also use the database to learn about tire and car seat safety recalls. 

Information Found in the Database

The database shows unrepaired vehicle safety recalls from certain manufacturers. If there are no unrepaired recalls, the database also shows this. However, certain information will not be found on the website. 

Safety recalls that have been repaired will not appear on the website. In addition, current safety recalls may not be displayed in the database, as the manufacturer is still entering information about these recalls. International vehicle recalls do not appear here, and smaller auto manufacturers may not include their information in the database when they have a safety recall. 

Safety recalls over 15 years old won’t appear in the NHTSA database except in certain situations. A manufacturer may continue to offer coverage for the recall, and if it does, the information can be found on the website. In addition, any recalls that are not safety-related will not appear in the database. Drivers need to understand this and reach out to the manufacturer to learn if a needed repair is covered under a recall program. 

Mechanics often know of these safety recalls and alert drivers so the manufacturer will cover the repairs. However, they may miss some recalls. Fortunately, manufacturers must alert drivers to these recalls, so drivers must update their information with the proper authorities. Doing so ensures they will receive these communications.

Never put off having a vehicle fixed when there is a safety recall. The manufacturer pays for most repairs related to the recall. Learn more today, as every driver needs a safe vehicle when out on the road. Contact a mechanic to schedule the repair if a car has been recalled. Lives may depend on having this work done. 

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