Enhancing Ice Quality: Science Used in the Process of Treating the Water at the Park City Ice Arena

To guarantee that the ice at Park City Ice Arena will not only look good but will be as clean and pure as possible it is not a simple process of washing it. It is a process rooted on scientific principles beginning with the water supply.

Due to this realization that the quality of water used determines the quality of ice, the Park City Municipal Corporation teamed up with Water Science to improve their ice-making blend. From such synergy, the development of a complex water treatment process that would provide the proper quality and suitability for synchronizing the clarity, sturdiness, and efficiency of the ice surface.

However, the essence of the solution is complex water purification equipment. Unfortunately, at the former location, Park City Ice Arena used municipal water which created problems because of differences in the mineral content and presence of impurities.

To overcome these hurdles, the Water Science Company adopted a multi-stage treatment plan of water purification. The first step is water softening which helps to eliminate hardness minerals that are likely to affect the ice appearance and structure. Subsequently, there is a carbon filtration step that removes overtones of organics and chlorine and makes the water free and of neutral pH for the make-up of ice.

The middle of the system is the reverse osmosis (RO) process, which is widely regarded as a highly innovative solution: as a result of it, 95% of secondary contaminants, including dissolved salt and mineral, are removed.

This purified water is important because minerals frost in the ice during freezing process and weaken the ice’s hardness and resistance to impacts. Thus, the ice made is not only clear, but also hard and less susceptible to chipping and is also offered a smoother surface.

Apart from that, the clearness of the ice means that the purification system works here perfectly. Clear ice not only provides a better skating atmosphere for the audience and skaters but also creates other commercial spaces inside the ice, giving the events’ held in the arena new dimensions.

Hence, the ice color keeps the message of a clean facility, detail, hard work, and dedication to the principles of delivering its services, just like the name of Park City Ice Arena.

Furthermore, there is an aspect of the benefits that refers to the operational improvement and reduction of costs. As a result of the action described above, the frequency of maintenance and energy consuming processes connected with ice resurfacing decreases due to low mineral content of the water.

This means that it will cut on the operational costs and at the same time bring about a more efficient way of handling the making of the ice in the arena.

Thus, the cooperation between Park City Municipal Corporation and Water Science is a perfect example of how it is possible to raise the level of the water treatment to new heights in the sports facilities. Paying attention to advanced technologies of purified water can not only guarantee greater ice quality, but also reflects the company’s recognition of environmental responsibility and community’s requirements.

To date, Park City Ice Arena continues to develop as one of the leading facilities providing ice-skating services, and the integration of highly effective water treatment systems will further enhance achievement of excellent ice quality required for the athletes and any individuals interested in skating services.

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