Small Biz Story Secrets: 5 Hacks to Explode Engagement & Sales with Instagram

As social media is ruling over the world, many businesses are actively planning to invest more in social media marketing. Among the best social media channels helping increase engagement and sales, Instagram is the most prominent one.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has become the 3rd largest social media platform. As the platform shows versatility in creating and spreading content, it has become the priority choice for many businesses.

Among so many amazing features, the Instagram story is one such feature that helps you get more engagement and recognition. Still wondering how it works to get more engagement and brand recognition? Explore this guide to find the best Instagram story tips for small businesses:

What is an Instagram story feature?

Instagram story is one of the amazing features of the platform. With stories, Instagrammers can share content, including videos and photos that disappear from their profiles, feeds, and messages 24 hours after uploading. However, if users want to keep the stories forever, they must add them to their profile as story highlights.

Instagram stories are incorporated with interactive tools, including polls, AR filters, stickers, and other options to make content pop. Remember that Instagram stories with more visuals, styles, and creative ideas can attract more users, encouraging gain more Instagram story views and interactions.

Why does your business need to create an Instagram story?

Wondering why you need to present your business on Instagram stories or why you should invest more time and energy in creating and uploading Instagram stories? Check out the given possible Instagram story stats for business, helping you decide whether you should look for Instagram business stories or not.

  • Instagram reports that around 500 million users interact with Instagram stories every day.
  • Around 62% of users revealed that they get attracted to a brand after watching their stories on Instagram.
  • Almost 36% of businesses on Instagram use story feature to promote their products or services across the platform.
  • Around 70% of Instagram story viewers are comprised of Gen Z. The chances of targetting younger audiences are higher through Instagram stories.
  • Instagram stories with sports content have a finish rate of up to 90%. If your business is related to sports, you may have more opportunities to get maximum engagement.

5 hacks to increase engagement and sales with Instagram

You may have obtained an idea of how much importance Instagram and its story feature have gained among marketers. Now is the time to create and publish compelling and creative stories, to grab more attention of users. 

Here are the top story hacks suggested by experts, such as Followers Cart, helping you grow your small business with Instagram stories. So, let’s begin the Instagram story success journey here:

1. Show a theme of your business with amazing animations and graphics

Through your Instagram story, give your audience a complete theme and look of your business. For example, you must choose the exact colour scheme your brand is incorporated with. Add a logo or the images that best describe your business. Add texts, links, and stickers in the same colour or fonts shown by your website or business.

To make your story memorable, you must craft it with stunning animations and graphics. If your story convinces users to stop it and hit on the business name, you’ve got success in an Instagram story marketing campaign. Users’ attention can be attracted by captivating animations and fascinating graphics.

2. Use Instagram stickers

Using Instagram stickers in the stories is considered the most appealing way to grab users’ attention. Marketers or Instagram creators revealed that Instagram stickers have real functional value. Without adding these extras, your story may have less potential to get engagement from users.

Instagram offers users a large number of stickers to choose from. Wonder how to use Instagram stickers perfectly to value your Instagram story? Worry not! Check out how to add stickers to attract more Instagram story viewers:

  • While creating a story, you will find an icon with a smiling square at the top of the screen.
  • It will show you many stickers. Marketing professionals suggest going with the basic creative ideas until you become an Instagram sticker ninja.

Here is a helpful tip for you – not to overwhelm your content with too many stickers. Try to use one type per story and optimise it for better reach.

The most common types of Instagram story stickers used by businesses or individual creators may include the following:

  • Poll stickers
  • Hashtag and location stickers
  • Emoji slider stickers
  • Questions stickers
  • Product stickers
  • Chat stickers
  • Countdown stickers

You will have access to all types of stickers once you hit the smiling square on the story screen on Instagram.

For More Deatils:

3. Add links to the Instagram story

Adding links to the Instagram story is a big incentive to promote your services or products. Instagram story feature allows users to add links in several ways. Astonished at how to add a link to an Instagram story for brand awareness and better engagement?

Here is how to strategically add your business links to convert your Instagram followers to your business traffic. Let’s check how you can do it accurately:

Basic link sharing: You can create helpful content or blog posts to become a go-to source for followers who are looking to learn something from your side. Add a compelling caption to your story and link to the blog or article you want to show your followers. You can also share links to your e-commerce stores to let followers know what you are selling to them.

Product links: These are shoppable links that provide Instagrammers with a one-tap call to action button, allowing them learn to more about a product without leaving Instagram.

Instagram shop: This link allows you to attach the Instagram shop page, where users can easily find particular products and purchase them.

Product Gallery: The product gallery link directs users to your product selection designed in a more convenient format on Instagram. By visiting the commerce manager in your business settings, you can create a custom collection of products.

4. Use Instagram highlights

You are putting your precious time into creating stunning stories to upload on Instagram. How do you keep those stories disappearing from the platform after 24 hours? It sounds weird actually. So, here come your Instagram story highlights.

The Instagram highlights option helps you pin your favourite stories at the top of your profile. This is not the only part of the story. Instagram allows you to organize these highlights in an aesthetically pleasing categorical way.

You can categorize these story highlights with the names of your services or products and save the stories into the relevant category. It will help all of your new customers to find easily what happened in the previous time and what is happening now.

5. Always show quality and consistency

Whatever the marketing strategy you are going to follow quality of content and consistency are the keys to success. Ensure that you are putting your 100% in creating quality content. As the competition is going higher, businesses offer unique things to grab users’ attention. So, never compromise your content quality.

To maintain consistency, ensure that you post stories regularly on Instagram. If you feel it is hard to create and post stories daily, you can schedule stories for your Instagram business account. There are social media marketing tools available in the market that help you schedule stories that are uploaded on the set or preferred time. 

When you post quality content consistently, the Instagram algorithm finds you an active and valuable account. Thus, it starts promoting you among the relevant audiences. Consequently, you will get huge engagement, leading to sales increment.

The closing statement

As millions of users interact with Instagram stories, presenting your businesses through stories is the most convenient way to reach a wider audience. What you need to do is to find creative Instagram story ideas and follow a proper plan. Unaware of the plan or strategy, follow the given hacks. This practice will surely help you explode engagement and sales with Instagram.

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