Take This Seriously: What to Do if You’ve Been Hurt at Work

Workplace injuries are a significant threat to workers in the United States, with over 2.3 million injuries occurring in 2023. When injured on the job, the natural reaction is to tough it out, but that decision could be detrimental to your health and finances.

Knowing what to do if you’re hurt at work is essential to protect your future and ensure you get the support you need. The wrong steps can limit your options for a disability claim.

Getting help starts with receiving guidance, and you’re in the right place to know how to proceed after a workplace injury. Continue reading about the steps to take when you get hurt at work today!

Report the Injury

The first step is to report the injury immediately after it occurs. It’s an essential step to preserve your rights and gain access to Workers’ Compensation.

The worst thing you can do is wait to see if you feel better. Provide a detailed explanation of what happened to your manager or supervisor. Include the names of other employees who witnessed what happened.

Seek Medical Care

Medical care is vital to preserve your health and ensure the best opportunity to recover fully. The healthcare provider will document the nature and extent of your injuries.

You must follow the doctor’s instructions and return for all check-up appointments. You’ll strengthen your disability claim when filing for short-term disability benefits.

File Your Claim

You’ll need to do more than notify your supervisor when you’re hurt at work to get Worker’s Compensation benefits. Filing an Employee Claim will put you on the proper track to get the support you deserve.

Consider hiring a disability lawyer to represent and guide you through the process. It’s also beneficial to check this guide to Arizona disability law if you’re injured on the job in Arizona.

Maintain Your Records

Detailed records are the best evidence in your favor when filing a claim when injured on the job or when you sue your employer. Focus on documenting medical expenses and lost wages.

You can use your records to secure the maximum benefits from your Worker’s Compensation claim. Monitor all out-of-pocket costs, and track the money you spend on gas for doctor and physical therapy appointments.

Work With an Attorney

Disability law is confusing, and attempting to navigate it yourself will set you up for failure. Find a reputable disability attorney to help you build your case and get what you deserve. Online reviews will help you narrow your options and schedule a consultation before filing your claim or lawsuit.

Protect Yourself When Hurt at Work

Knowing how to proceed when hurt at work can save you tens of thousands of dollars. It starts with notifying your supervisor or manager.

Seek medical attention and document your expenses to build your disability claim after a workplace injury. Work with a disability lawyer for guidance when seeking Worker’s Compensation benefits after your injury.

Legal issues can be intimidating, but guidance from a reputable lawyer can help you improve the odds of a favorable outcome. Check out our Legal content for more advice and tips when injured at work!

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