Tired of Cracked Blinds? Discover the Timeless Beauty and Durability of Faux Wood

Faux wooden blinds are made with PVC plastic that mimics the real wood look. These blinds are ideal for the homeowner who is looking for a more suitable, budget-friendly, and innovative option to renovate their space. Although they are not real wood, it is really hard to differentiate between these blinds and real wood blinds.

This property has made them one of the most demanded and popular window coverings. Residential areas aside, faux wooden blinds in canda blinds are also making their way into the design of offices and luxury apartments. In this article, we will discover the solution-oriented features of these blinds.

Why Choose Faux Wooden Blinds?

Easy maintenance and cleaning process:

Among all window blinds and shades, faux wood blinds are one of the easiest to clean. These blinds are less prone to catching dust and debris, thus requiring little effort to clean them. The composition of PVC material in these blinds makes it hard for a stain to leave its color behind. You just need a damp cloth to wipe the faux blinds and retain their shine.

Variety of color options:

You don’t have to limit your interior designer when it comes to styling your windows with faux wood blinds. These blinds offer a variety of colors and styles to accommodate modern home window needs. You can also customize your color according to your personal color coding in your home décor. For example, for earthy tones, beige, brown, and light brown faux wooden blinds are easily available in the market.

Cost-effective window coverings:

If you are a social media influencer or a vlogger, home aesthetics are a real deal for you. Wooden interior with intrinsic real wood blinds ultimately enhances the look of your house and gives your house an elite and sophisticated aesthetic. Especially in Canada, wooden furniture with wooden interior is found more appealing.

However, real wood window coverings can cost you an arm and a leg. But don’t worry! Faux wood blinds got you covered. These window coverings are one of the most budget-friendly options while also giving a wood-like look to your house. By incorporating these blinds, you can give your house an exquisite finishing.

Water and moisture resistance:

All window blinds are not suitable for rooms like the kitchen, lavatory, or laundry room because these areas have high humidity in the air due to moisture. Faux wooden blinds excel in this criterion as they are the ideal blinds when it comes to water-resistant features. Unlike real wood counterparts, these window blinds are waterproof and can easily resist dampness without deteriorating their original shape.

Eco-friendly aspect:

With the rise in sustainable fashion debates and practices, faux wooden blinds are one of the best environmental options. Contrary to real wood blinds, these blinds are manufactured from recycled materials like PVC or wood fiber, thus reducing the contribution to deforestation like wood.

Integrate Inclusivity of Faux Wood Blinds Into Your Interior:

Contemporary styles of faux wood blinds are the best window coverings for your space. Their real-wood-like look and texture make them perfect to complement your home if you have hardwood or laminate ceiling or flooring. You can find a variety of colors to match with your paint or pairs of curtains. One exclusive feature of choosing faux wood blinds for your windows is their DIY option.

Although faux wooden blinds have enough color and design options to accommodate your styling needs, for a specific Pinterest-inspired home décor, you might not find the right color. But you don’t have to worry when you’re choosing faux wood blinds for your windows because you can effortlessly warm your interior colors and window tones.


Are faux wood blinds energy-efficient?

Yes, these blinds have an insulator that acts as a barrier between sunlight and your room, keeping your room’s temperature optimal in any kind of weather.

How long do faux wooden blinds last?

With inclusivity in material composition and the use of hard materials, these blinds can last about 7-8 years easily. You don’t have to maintain them by playing hard; they are easy to keep and clean.

Are faux wooden blinds waterproof?

Yes, these blinds are made with PVC material and have moisture resistance features. You can easily hang them in high humid areas.

Are faux wooden blinds washable?

The composite of wood-like material and premium materials of faux wood blinds makes them easy to wash or clean. With their waterproof properties, you can effortlessly clean them.

Do faux wooden blinds offer privacy?

Yes, these blinds are made with multiple horizontal slat-like styles and give you the liberty to control your privacy or incoming amount of light.

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