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Online video downloading programs give web users the power to effortlessly save videos posted on social networks and sharing sites directly to their devices. With a video downloader, capturing shareable videos streamed across the internet is quick and simple.

What is an online video downloader?

Online video downloaders grant effortless control over publicly accessible internet video content. They provide an efficient one-stop solution for stocking personal media libraries with shared videos from social networks and video platforms.


Some key pros of using an online video downloader include:

  • Ability to save videos offline for viewing later without an internet connection.
  • Option to download videos in high quality formats like MP4 without losing quality.
  • Saves time compared to manually recording videos screen-by-screen.
  • Supports bulk downloading of multiple videos at once from playlists or user profiles.


While online video downloaders provide many advantages, there are some potential downsides:

  • Limited to downloading public videos only and not copyrighted content.
  • Certain sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime prevent downloading of videos.
  • Risk of viruses or malware if using a free downloader from an unknown source.

Why did you choose Yesdownloader?

There are some compelling reasons to select Yesdownloader:

  • Ease of Use – Its intuitive interface allows downloading videos quickly without learning complex steps.
  • Quality – Yesdownloader lets you save videos in high-resolution MP4 format up to 1080p without compromising quality.
  • Compatibility – It works seamlessly across different browsers and supports downloading from major social platforms.
  • Speed – The tool utilizes accelerated technology to minimize waiting times for even bulk downloads.
  • Safety – Being online-based, it poses no security risks like file-borne viruses unlike other downloaders.
  • Reliability – As a trusted brand, Yesdownloader has established itself through positive reviews ensuring a reliable experience.
  • Compatibility – The cross-browser compatibility allows using Yesdownloader conveniently on any device.
  • Formats – Yesdownloader covers all format needs, retaining original file qualities for versatile uses.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Its perpetual free version saves users from recurring pay-per download costs of other tools.
  • Features – Options like playlist downloads, batch mode and file format selection offer added benefits.

Main Features of Online Video Downloader

Yesdownloader offers a variety of powerful features that make it highly functional:

  • Multiple format support – Download videos in MP4, WebM, MOV and other formats up to 4K resolution.
  • Bulk downloading – Simultaneously save multiple videos from playlists or user profiles with a single click.
  • Trimmer – Precisely customize video length by setting start and end points forclipped portions.
  • Playlist support – Entire playlists from YouTube or other sites can be backed up fully.
  • Speed settings – Adjust download rate to optimum speeds for faster/slower connections.
  • Bookmarking – Save partially downloaded video links to resume downloads anytime.
  • Conversion – Export videos to various formats like AVI, MKV, FLV suitable for devices.
  • Preview – Check video thumbnail, title and length before committing to download.
  • Proxy support – Access geo-restricted content over proxy servers for comprehensive coverage.
  • Auto-update – Ensure always using the latest version with improved functionality.
  • Browser extension – (optional) Enhance downloading via convenient Floating Button browser extension.

How to Download Videos from Renowned Websites

Downloading videos is simple using Yesdownloader’s intuitive interface.

From Facebook

Step 1Copy the URL of the public Facebook video which you want.
Step 2Paste the URL into the search/URL bar on the Yesdownloader website.
Step 3Select the quality from 720p, 1080p or other available options.
Step 4Click on the large blue “Download” button to save the video.
Step 5Choose a folder location on your device to save the video file.
Step 6The video will start downloading immediately in MP4 format.

From Tiktok

1Copy the URL of the TikTok video which you want.
2Paste the URL into the Yesdownloader search/URL bar.
3The video will load and start analyzing.
4Select the video quality 
5Optionally trim the video length as desired by specifying start/end times.
6Click the  “Download” button, and then save the video file.
7Select a folder on your device to save the downloaded video
8The video will start downloading instantly to the selected location.

From Youtube

1Copy the URL of the YouTube video which you want 
2Paste the URL into the Yesdownloader search/URL bar.
3Yesdownloader will automatically detect and analyze the YouTube video.
4Select the preferred video quality
5Optionally select the video format 
6Click the large blue “Download” button to start downloading.
7Choose the folder location on your device to save the file.
8The video download will instantly start in the selected format and quality.

From Instagram

1Find and copy the URL of the Instagram video which you want 
2Paste the URL into the Yesdownloader search/URL bar.
3The video will load and details will be analyzed automatically.
4Pick the desired resolution – choose from available quality options.
5Select the preferred video format as MP4, WebM etc.
6Hit the large blue “Download” button to save the video.
7Choose the folder on your device to save the downloaded file.
8The high quality MP4 video will start downloading instantly.

Alternatives to Chrome for Downloading Videos with Yesdownloader

While Chrome is the recommended browser, Yesdownloader also works smoothly on other popular browsers:

  • Firefox
    • Known for its high security
    • Provides a clean interface
    • Ensures fast download speeds
  • Microsoft Edge
    • Lightweight and energy efficient
    • Smooth browsing experience
    • Built-in video download option
  • Safari
    • Default browser for macOS and iOS devices
    • Simple design for seamless usage
    • Ensures privacy with content blockers
  • Opera
    • Comes with free VPN for anonymized downloads
    • Build-in ad blockers for an uncluttered experience
    • User-friendly interface for intuitive operation

User reviews and experiences with Yesdownloader


  • Praise its simple and clean interface
  • Appreciate variety of format and quality options
  • Compliment high speeds for even bulk downloads

Ease of Use:

  • Point out intuitiveness requiring no learning curve
  • Report easy navigation between different features


  • Cite consistent performance for reliable outputs
  • Trust the brand to respect download policies


  • Emphasize getting pro-level features for free indefinitely
  • Remark it as money-wise compared to other paid tools

Black Points:

  • Few note occasional glitches on obscure browsers
  • Wishlist future support for niche social platforms
  • Hope improved speed for lengthy 4K resolution videos


Is your video downloader tool free to use?

  • Yesdownloader offers a perpetual free version without limitations.
  • Users face no charges for downloads or hidden costs later on.
  • All core features included for free like formats, quality options and bulk mode.

Do I need to create an account to use your video downloader?

  • Yesdownloader is designed to work without login hassles.
  • Users can instantly start downloading by just pasting URLs.
  • No personal details needed for full functionality.
  • Anonymous one-time access keeps downloads simple.

Are the downloaded videos of high quality?

  • Videos can be saved in HD MP4 up to 4K resolutions.
  • Quality rivals that of original files with no compression losses.
  • Format options like MOV, WebM cater to various player compatibilities.
  • Users report clear sharp video and audio quality.

Is your tool compatible with all social media platforms?

  • It supports major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.
  • Constant upgrades add support for new emerging networks.
  • Rare sites can’t be accessed due to policies instead of interface flaws.
  • Over 90% coverage ensures capturing shared videos across networks.

Does your tool require any browser extensions to run?

  • Yesdownloader runs seamlessly online without extra plugins.
  • Users can directly paste URLs on any browser for downloads.
  • No installation related issues exist unlike other downloader software.
  • Clean standalone operation delivers uncomplicated downloads.

To Conclude

In conclusion, Yesdownloader presents a quick and straightforward solution for downloading HD videos from leading social networks and sharing sites. With its user-friendly interface and wide format support, Yesdownloader emerges as the top recommendation for effortless online video saving needs. Users praise its speed, quality and intuitive operation without hassles. For a secure and flexible online video downloader, Yesdownloader is undoubtedly the wise choice.

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