Best Spy Apps for iPhone in 2024

With the increase of time, iPhone users gained popularity. Thus, people need to track their iPhones for several reasons, including parental control, employee monitoring, and ensuring their loved ones’ safety. Therefore, it’s time to have an iPhone spy app for digital protection and online monitoring. So, this post will help you to track your targeted person’s online activities on iPhone devices without being detected. Read and come to know the best apps that provide the best monitoring and tracking results for the iOS operating system with its features and working capabilities.

What is an iPhone spy app?

The iPhone spy app is software specially designed to monitor the targeted user’s iPhone device without being detected. This allows tracking messages, calls, emails, browsing, GPS location, social media, and everything that happens on the targeted device.

Why need an iPhone monitoring app?

There are a lot of reasons to monitor someone’s iPhone activities. Here, we’ll describe the distinctive and genuine reasons to track someone’s iOS device without knowing them.

Parental Control

parents have to focus on kids’ activities to safeguard them. So, they need to track their devices for the digital well-being of their children. They can use parental control tools to see what they do online and check their safety. Parents can check kids’ cell phone devices like messages, calls, multimedia, location, and browsing to protect them. It helps to secure them from cyberbullying, online predators, adult content, and other threats. 

Employee monitoring

Businesses use smartphones but need to track the company’s devices to measure employees. It helps employers to ensure their business safety. It provides a comprehensive employee activity report to improve productivity by spying on their internet, social media, calls, and messages as a safety tool. 

Device protection

If a device is stolen or lost, you can use the iPhone monitoring app to check the device’s real-time location to find it. With this, you can get your device data backup and gain your personal information.

The best iPhone monitoring apps

We’ve come up with the best app after testing its working capabilities and explaining the review that will help you make the final purchase.


TheOneSpy is an excellent iPhone Spying tool that provides insight into their targeted devices. This will help users see everything happening on their loved one’s cell phone activities without showing the app icon. This helps you to find the device’s actions, including messages, calls, browsing, location, and much more. With this, you can check all your loved ones’ actions and keep them secure from all online dangers. But user have to install it for the digital well-being of their loved ones.

Features of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy provides a wide range of monitoring and tracking features for the online protection of your loved ones digitally protection.

  • You can read sent or received messages without knowing the targeted person
  • Listen to call conversations for online protection
  • Check their internet activities
  • Track their real-time location
  • Spy on their phone gallery
  • Monitor call logs
  • Set virtual boundaries


Ogymogy is another mobile tracking and monitoring app with the super qualities to spy on someone’s phone activities. This app works for kids’ digital well-being and safeguards business data. It means this app ensures your loved ones’ all activities and provides protection in times of danger. So, user can easily download Ogymogy on their targeted device by getting one-time physical access to spy on all their actions. This super-tracking technology offers the best feature that fulfills all your monitoring requirements.

Installation method

To monitor an iPhone on a targeted device, you must you’ve installed the app on your targeted device to check all their actions. For this, you can spy and see everything from the targeted device.

  • Subscribe the app
  • Get credentials via email
  • Install the app on the targeted phone
  • Log in to the app web control panel by entering the given credentials
  • Now, you can view someone’s iPhone activities easily

Theonespy and Ogymogy are the best iPhone monitoring apps with excellent monitoring capabilities. Both apps are perfect for online protection and safeguarding your children and businesses.

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