Lock Rekeying: How, When, And Why

Perhaps in the case of love, but not in the case of locks, a more practical and everyday issue, but no less important.

Because an intervention of this type is not particularly expensive and can save us much larger outlays if, for whatever reason, we consider that we should change the lock and we do not do so. If you are worried about how much it costs to lock rekeying, it is worth keeping in mind that it is much less than the possible consequences of someone entering our property.

Especially if we have lost the keys in the area, or return to our property after years of having rented it, as landlords. In that case, the keys have passed through many hands, not always traceable, so a lock change is urgently needed to have sets of keys that only belong to the owners.

That said, changing a simple lock, labor included, should not cost more than one hundred euros, although changing a lock on an armored door with security keys makes the budget more expensive.

Steps For Lock Rekeying

We have already answered why you should go for lock rekeying. Also the when; That is, if you return to your house after having rented it, or if you suspect that someone other than your trusted circle may have your keys. Also, of course, if the lock shows signs of wear and tear and has become old after years of use, and it is difficult to do its job no matter how much lubricant you add.

That said, to change a lock it is best to contact professionals. Although changing a cylinder can be a relatively simple task, it is also true that the finishes are not the same and that the different gears of the lock can be affected.

However, if you want to do it yourself, these are the steps to follow:

·         Remove the old shield

·         Uninstall the old cylinder

·         Install the new cylinder

·         Install the new security shield

·         Assemble the new shield

Advantages of Having A Lock On An Armored Door

If you want to secure your home against possible threats such as break-ins and prevent your home from being robbed, the armored door, with its corresponding security lock, is a great idea. In addition to video surveillance systems and alarms, a good armored door will give you a greater sense of protection and make the work of potential criminals more difficult.

They allow, for example, the use of more secure keys, such as the double-bit key, much more difficult to replicate, and designed to prevent theft methods such as lock picking. Because armored doors offer different types of locks, such as a master key, for example, but also multifunction mechanisms and electric locks.

A step forward in the world of locks that, in addition to greater protection, offers more comforts and resources, as well as solutions that take us away from dependence on keys and the constant and logical fear of losing them.

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