Technical And Legal Advice Service For Home Inspection

Buy your home safely and without surprises. Eliminate uncertainties and risks quickly and with guarantees.

You have found the home you would like to buy and you have made an offer that has been accepted. Now what? Many doubts arise for buyers after deciding to purchase their home. 

For this reason, BTS Home Inspections offers you a comprehensive technical verification and legal advice service throughout the entire purchase and sale process, which will allow you to make a quick and informed decision, knowing how much you are willing to pay for it.

At BTS Home Inspections we know that the process of buying a home is complicated and, to a certain extent, stressful, having to make decisions quickly to miss out on the opportunity; for this reason, we believe that our comprehensive technical and legal advice service is the best option for your peace of mind.

We are in charge of verifying the state of use and conservation of the home, detailing any deficiencies that exist and the approximate cost to correct them, and ensuring that the home is delivered free of charges and encumbrances.

What Does A Property Inspector Do?

A home or property inspector ensures that a property meets established quality standards and regulations, providing a thorough analysis and objective assessment of the condition of the home. Her work is essential to guarantee the safety and habitability of the properties.

Among the main tasks performed by a home inspector are: Visual inspections, review of facilities, analysis of structures and materials, evaluation of energy efficiency, and verification of regulatory compliance.

Finally, after carrying out the evaluation, the inspector will write a comprehensive report that will include all the observations, deficiencies, and recommendations found during the review of the house. In this way, your question about what to know before buying an apartment will be answered in writing.

Benefits Of A Home Inspection Before Buying

It is increasingly common for real estate agents to suggest to buyers what to check before purchasing a second-hand home, in the interest of having a professional inspection of the home before purchasing it.

The reason for this is simple; A quality inspection, performed by a professional home inspector, results in an advantage for all parties involved in the transaction:

The buyer has the opportunity to know the property in depth from the beginning, which allows them to make decisions quickly, safely, and calmly. The seller who has carried out research prior to appraising the house can sell the property quickly and without problems.

Lastly, real estate agents benefit by having more efficient transactions and minimizing the chances of costly mishaps after the purchase sale closes. For this reason, hiring the inspection service generates confidence in the people involved in the dynamic.

What Does Our Comprehensive Inspection Service Include?

With the technical inspection service, we want you to see what our technicians see. After the inspection, you will be able to easily understand the deficiencies that may have been detected during the visit, which will be described in detail in the inspection report.

The report addresses issues such as the structure, enclosures, installations, common elements, protections, and other elements of the home, including the results of any special inspections that have been carried out.

No inspection can guarantee the exact life expectancy of any component or element of the home, but we can provide you with an impartial report on the conditions of use and habitability as well as the current state of conservation of the home, offering you an assessment of the severity of the damage. 

Same and the approximate cost to correct them, valuable information that will allow you to control the investment while negotiating with the seller.

Simultaneously, we are responsible for legally analyzing the operation to detect legal impediments that may affect the purchase, avoiding incurring unnecessary risks.

Our lawyers are in charge of verifying the ownership of the home and its urban conditions, as well as drafting and reviewing the contractual documents that will be signed throughout the process, providing you with the necessary legal security to guarantee the successful completion of the operation.

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