New to Portugal? Here are some Amazing Tips to Build Social Networks in Portugal.

For many, Portugal is the ideal travel destination because of its sun-kissed beaches, fascinating history, and Pastel de Nata—the best custard tarts in the world. But no matter how perfect, migrating to a new nation might be intimidating. One of the most difficult tasks? Establishing a social network. But the good news is that Portuguese culture is kind and hospitable, so if you put in a little effort, you’ll soon be clinking drinks and laughing with new people around.

Whether you’re living in a small hamlet tucked away in the countryside, one of Porto’s picturesque riverfront communities, or Lisbon’s busy streets, this article provides helpful advice on how to create a happy social circle.

Learn the Local Slang

A few useful expressions can make a big difference. Even though English is more often spoken in tourist locations, trying to acquire the basics of Portuguese shows respect for the culture and leads to deeper relationships. To help you get started, consider these helpful phrases:

“Olá” means “Hello”. 

“Obrigada/o” means “thank you” in both feminine and masculine, 

“Por favor” means “please,” and 

“Como está?” means “How are you doing?” (casual)

“Não falo muito bem português, mas estou a aprender” – I’m not very good at Portuguese, but I’m getting better.

To get you started in Portuguese, there are a ton of materials accessible online and in language schools. You’ll get smiles and helpful hands from locals if you can even speak a few simple words.

Take Up a Hobby or Join a Club

Doing what you like is a great way to feel like yourself in a new place. Are you passionate about hiking, photography, or maybe picking up the ukulele? There’s probably a Portuguese club or organization devoted to your hobby. Getting involved in one is a great opportunity to meet others who share your interests and develop new friendships.

Local groups and events are frequently listed on websites and in community centers. Don’t be afraid to approach the group organizers or attend meetings. Maybe you’ll uncover a hidden ability or make a new best friend!

Become a Food Adventurer

Since food speaks to all, Portugal’s gourmet industry has got a vast repository of flavors just seeking to be explored. Try some of the specialties from the area, such as duck rice (Arroz de Pato) or Francesinha, a Porto delicacy that consists of layers of cheese, sausage, and pork.

Visit the neighborhood cafés, those quaint, pastel-colored havens where people go to chat over coffee. Talk to other customers; you may find out about undiscovered food treasures or maybe receive an invitation to a family meal, too!  

Celebrate Festivals & Traditions

Portugal offers a rich schedule of festivals all year long, ranging from the exuberant Carnaval celebrations in February to the blessing of the fishing boats in Nazaré during the Festival of Saints Cosme and Damião in September. 

Take part in the customary activities and fully immerse yourself in the celebrations; you’ll be surrounded by locals in a joyous atmosphere that will facilitate conversation and the development of relationships.

Make Use of Professional Networks

If your job has sent you to Portugal, your professional network can help you establish a social circle there. To meet coworkers and other professionals, go to conferences, networking mixers, or industry events. Become a member of chambers of commerce or professional groups in your industry to network with like-minded individuals and meet like-minded professionals. 

Furthermore, you can also consider using Portugal relocation services, which frequently provide networking chances and assistance to immigrants as they adapt to life in their new home.

Use Internet Resources

There are many ways to communicate with people in Portugal, thanks to the internet era. These are some recommendations:

  • Facebook Groups: There are a ton of Portuguese-specific expat groups on Facebook. Join these communities to find out about future activities, ask questions, and interact with other expats.
  • Meetup: This well-known website lets you locate groups according to your hobbies, such as hikers or language exchangers.
  • International: This online community focuses on serving expats from all around the world. Join the Portugal branch to meet and socialize with other foreigners living there.


Portugal welcomes newcomers with open arms. The plus point of having a strong social group is that you’ll have a group of friends with whom to exchange life stories, work through cultural differences, and create enduring memories. Your newly formed friendships may serve as your pillar, providing you with advice and a shoulder to lean on when you need it. Your stay in this stunning nation might be enhanced by them by introducing you to fresh facets of Portuguese culture that you would not have learned about on your own.

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