The 5 Questions an Edmonton Defense Lawyer Will Ask in a Car Accident Case 

In the event of a car accident in Edmonton, lawyers from both parties will ask questions to help determine the next course of action. These questions are critical to helping identify if the client is entitled to compensation. Answers to questions like this are crucial for car accident victims in Edmonton.

Regardless, although they might seem like the kind of questions an insurance agent or police officer might ask, they are pretty necessary. Stick along for an insight into some of the questions an Edmonton car accident lawyer will ask in a car accident case.

  1. What is Your Name and Address?

The first thing should be formalities. Lawyers from both parties will identify themselves by their names with the clients and ask them to do the same. After doing so, they will be asked to state their place of residence or address.

Once the lawyers have the details, they will file a case in court to help either claim compensation or defend their client. All you need to do is ensure you are honest with your answers.

  1. Can You Explain What Happened As You Remember It?

These questions will also be asked by lawyers to help paint a picture of what happened. Witnesses will also be questioned to provide as much information as possible. The answers will provide details on how the accident occurred and the parties involved.

The victim will need to describe the accident down to the details in their own words. Technically, this will build the foundation for the lawyers to file a case. For this reason, they should ensure they gather as much information as possible and leave no stone unturned.

  1. Did Anyone Witness the Accident?

Witnesses can make or break a car accident claim. Talking to the witnesses after a car accident is crucial. They have different view of the events that happened. As such, they can provide a detailed statement of how the car accident happened.

This is why it is important to get the contact information of witnesses present at the scene of a car accident. Immediately after an accident, victims should look for witnesses and collect their contact information. If they are physically unable to do this, they should request someone nearby to do it for them.

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  1. What Do You Think Was the Cause of the Accident?

Now that you have the above answers, the next thing would be to find out from the witnesses or clients what they think might have caused the accident. You will be asked to provide an honest opinion in your own words.

For instance, you might say you saw a driver X run a red light before the crash happened. It can also be that the weather was poor and the visibility was not good when the collision occurred. All these details will be crucial in helping the lawyer identify the cause of the accident.

  1. Were You at the Scene of the Accident, and Why Were You There?

This question is aimed at witnesses.

The lawyers might also need to know why the witness was at the scene of the accident and what they were doing at the time. If the witness was having a beer in a nearby bar and had just exited the bar when they encountered the accident, their information might not be reliable.

Final Thoughts

Asking the required questions before filing a personal injury case for a client is critical. It helps the client get the compensation they deserve. The above questions not only provide insight into what to expect but also how to tackle them.

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